• School’s out, store’s in


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  • Why the schedule matters for successful staffing

    You may be working hard to attract shoppers, satisfy their demands and drive conversions – but are you fully optimising the role your store associates play in this equation?

    Staff members are one of brick-and-mortar stores’ most valuable assets. In addition to making sure that the business is working effectively on an operational level, retail staff members are essential to customer service, as they provide shoppers with advice and reassurance that encourages them to make a transaction.

    But however strong a store team might be, it will not deliver optimum results unless its schedule and workload are built around a holistic understanding of shopper behaviour.

    Examining the effectiveness of your staff rota, and its ability to optimise the shopper-to-associate ratio (STAR) in your stores, can yield impressive results. McKinsey ….

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  • Europe & APAC Shopper Trends: our latest findings

    Q2 2017 saw plenty of political drama unfold on the global stage, but the retail industry again proved its resilience.

    Against a backdrop of growing consumer confidence and market expansion, retailers across the world overcame uncertainty, and many countries saw more shoppers visiting stores during the quarter than they did during the same period last year. Meanwhile, the prospects for the future are generally brighter than anticipated.

    So, what market trends were at the heart of consumer traffic developments across Europe and APAC between April and June this year? Here are some findings from our latest Europe Shopper Trends and APAC Shopper ….

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  • Why big data is powering today’s retailers

    A solution for optimised business and customer engagement

    ‘Big data’ has quickly evolved from business buzzword to an enterprise essential. Driven by fierce multichannel competition and an increasingly discerning customer base, retailers are harnessing the power of data to stay ahead. From product selection and pricing to customer engagement, inside and outside the store, retail big data is proving an effective tool for driving revenues.

    Modern technology provides ample opportunity for retailers to gather, analyse and react to how shoppers are behaving. The days of broad demographics are gone; replaced by a world in which companies can identify each customer’s needs in granular detail. Today, retail big data has the potential to drive improvements across every area of a business.

    Getting closer to the consumer

    Data analysis enables businesses to optimise their efforts and resources to ….

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  • How are global multichannel shoppers using the store?

    Consumers are becoming less predictable; retailers can no longer rely on traditional behaviour assumptions to optimise their store estate performance.

    The influence of all channels – digital and physical – is shaping how, when and why shoppers use bricks-and-mortar stores to make a purchase. To understand the role of physical retail in a multichannel world, retailers need to understand how online and offline factors impact consumer traffic.

    ShopperTrak’s new trends report offers statistical insight into shopper behaviour across Q1 2017, and our findings reveal a number of interesting patterns:

    1. Consumer confidence is growing

    Despite general global uncertainties caused by political and economic influences, the good news is that consumer confidence continues to grow across the world.

    In India, this ….

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  • 3 pillars for measuring store performance

    The store is evolving fast. Today’s shopper often engages with brands through multiple buying channels, so it’s imperative for retailers to offer an in-store experience that provides strong customer service and a seamless connection, whatever their journey.

    The pace of this development is such that the traditional assessment models that are used to measure store performance have become overly narrow in scope. Consequently, the gaps between store metrics, KPIs and related performance improvement processes are growing by the day, causing retailers to lose sight of the operations that underpin their business.

    A New Store Excellence Scorecard from Tyco Retail Solutions, created in partnership with EKN Research, suggests a new model for measuring store performance, based on three core principles:

    1. Understanding ….

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