• World Cup 2018: What’s the traffic impact?

    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is hoping FIFA World Cup 2018 (June 14th to July 15th) will showcase Russia as a global superpower, and attract tourists and shopper spend to invigorate the economy.  While benefits to retail and the hospitality sectors in Russia are all but guaranteed, will there be commercial wins for the rest of the world as fans scramble to catch the action? Specifically, how can retailers maximise the opportunities Russia 2018 presents?

    A great deal depends on how well individual teams perform. Being knocked out in the early group stage will lessen the likelihood of retail traffic and sales spikes for stores selling World Cup-related product, because interest in watching matches drops off when teams bomb. That said, our data from World Cup 2014 shows that the day after a European national team was knocked out, general retail traffic was up +3.41% on the average – the silver lining of national humiliation ….

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  • Shopping mall tenants see turnover boost from advanced people counting tech

    Today, retailers in well-managed shopping centres have a great new opportunity. Thanks to property owners investing in traffic tracking technology and data analytics solutions to power improvements to their sites, retailers are enjoying the knock-on benefit of rich insights that could help them boost conversions and turnover.

    ShopperTrak’s new report, Mall traffic data grows success in Europe, explains the opportunities in more detail. It addresses the changing market for malls in Europe, showing how mall operators are adapting their offer for the modern consumer, and are learning how to use traffic data to drive their own profitability and better support retail tenants.

    Traffic data benefiting mall tenants

    Naturally the trend for updating, extending, refurbing and reconfiguring European ….

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  • Shopping malls still win using retail traffic data

    The European shopping centre sector is celebrating a new landmark. Westfield London has just become the largest shopping centre in Europe, having cut the ribbon on phase one of its chic £600m extension this March. When all stages of the extension are complete, the centre will cover 2.6 million square foot — overshadowing existing mall giants Aviapark in Moscow, and the Westgate shopping city in Zagreb. Fully embracing ‘experiential retailing’ Westfield London’s larger footprint has allowed it to become “a place to shop, to do, and learn,” according to Retail Week magazine.

    Extensions like this are being undertaken across Europe as the mature mall market responds to changing consumer needs and expectations. Landlords are investing in upgrades and refurbishments to keep interest in physical shopping alive, often factoring in more social space for dining, events and leisure activities, to ….

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  • Will Australian stores see a traffic dip this May?

    Consumer confidence in Australia has been known to tumble in the wake of the Federal Government’s budget announcement, which for 2018, takes place on Tuesday 8 May.

    Inevitably, Australia’s stores are affected if the budget has a negative impact on consumers. ShopperTrak data shows that, dating back to 2013, every May there’s been a sharp traffic decline in the lead up to, and in the immediate aftermath, of the Federal budget announcement (see graph).

    Key findings of ShopperTrak data:

    • The annual budget announcement takes place on a Tuesday, and the clear trend is that visitor numbers on this day are always lower than the average Tuesday for the year.
    • ….

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  • Blending data sets takes traffic insight to a new level

    As the retail landscape adapts to ever-changing consumer behaviour, it’s no surprise that shopper traffic has become a crucial point of reference, one that retailers really can’t afford to miss. In an exclusive article for Retail Bulletin’s Future of Retail report, Amit Patil, Global Leader of Data Innovation Strategies at Tyco Retail Solutions, explains why this is the case, and how leading retailers are forging ahead with data and insight-driven strategies, thereby making strides toward future-proofing their businesses.

    Traffic gives a picture of true demand

    Knowing how many people have come into a store, how long they stayed, and whether they made purchases is the key to understanding the sales opportunities that a retail business generates day-to-day. Sales data only tells part of the story.

    In his article, ….

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  • What can retailers learn from Karneval 2018?

    German Karneval goes by several different names — including Fasching, Fastnacht, and Fassenacht. It’s known throughout the world as a giant festival of fun, based on ancient local traditions. The season starts 52 days before Easter and ends with a week-long celebration before Ash Wednesday consisting of parties, fancy dress parades, balls, banquets and general mayhem.

    The Germans call this ‘the fifth season’, which shows how important Karneval is to large parts of the country. And Karneval is big news beyond Germany too – particularly Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg — where merry-making and street festivities add colour and excitement to city streets on key dates. So as Karneval 2018 reaches its noisy peak, let’s take a look at the power of tradition in local communities, and how physical retail can engage fully and fruitfully in these important social occasions.

    Join the parade

    German retailers are becoming ….

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