• How does the news agenda affect retail footfall?

    They say life’s what happens when you’re making other plans, and that’s definitely true in retail. Carefully orchestrated promotions and strategic decisions made months in advance can be scuppered at the 11th hour by unfolding news events.

    How much do spontaneous political, social and cultural occurrences impact retail footfall? We take a look at some of 2015’s biggest news stories so far, and their effect on consumer activity.

    Political elections – Greece, UK

    It’s hard to escape the impact of the Greek legislative election on 25th January, when left-wing party SYRIZA won for the first time in its history, 2 seats short of an absolute majority. The national instability caused by a change of government is evident in Greece’s footfall figures; retail traffic was down across the month, but dipped by a massive -83% on the day of the election.

    Greece isn’t the only country whose elections ….

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  • Location, location, location – how to make every inch of retail space drive profit

    As an industry, we talk extensively about what location-based technology can do for customer marketing and promotions – Bluetooth beacons, mobile push notifications and the like. However, there’s been less discussion about the role of location in understanding customer behaviour better, before we start targeting them with special offers.

    People counting is far from a new phenomenon – as we well know, having been in the retail intelligence business for nearly 25 years. However, during this time, two fundamental things have changed:

    1 – The complexity of shopper behaviour

    2 – The sophistication of insights available to retailers and shopping centre owners

    We now accept that longstanding ‘rules of thumb’ such as Saturday being the busiest day of the week are just a myth; that there’s no such thing as a typical pattern of activity that can be applied across the sector.

    In fact, thousands of retail businesses are actively seeking ….

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  • FootFall acquisition by Tyco Retail Solutions opens up a new world of opportunities

    We are all very excited by the opportunity of working within Tyco, which has significant retail expertise, investment strength, and a global delivery capability. Meanwhile, FootFall has clearly been recognised for its global footprint through its FootFall Index, as well as through its national and regional teams that are delivering value to retailers and shopping centres worldwide.

    You may already be aware of the wide range of security and fire solutions that Tyco offers to retailers and retail property owners in all the major global economies. Tyco’s intention is to build on its core strengths by delivering a range of added value services, including those currently offered by FootFall.

    Tyco’s range of solutions complement ours and, over time, we will bring these together to create an unbeatable proposition for helping you improve store performance through deep understanding of customer behaviour.

    As we work with Tyco to enhance our services, ….

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  • Independents’ Day: how can independent businesses use retail intelligence to take on chain store rivals?

    As preparations begin in the US for 4th of July celebrations and the UK gears up for its annual Independent Retailer Month, how can privately owned retail establishments show larger rivals that now is the time for Independents’ day?

    It’s time to get behind our independent retailers!
    It’s about time smaller retailers globally had a champion, as they do in the UK. July marks Britain’s Independent Retailer Month – led by retail expert Clare Rayner, the campaign focuses on the social and commercial value of independent stores within local shopping centres and high streets.

    This is a perfect opportunity to highlight the benefits of shopping independently to customers, as well as finding ways to optimise sales against big chain store competition.

    While it may seem a tall task, there are plenty of reasons for consumers to part with their well-earned pennies at independent ….

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  • Vivid Sydney – Year-on-Year Influence on Retail FootFall Sydney

    Celebrations such as Vivid Sydney, the city’s annual Festival of Light, Music and Ideas, often have a positive effect on the retail market in the area. Vivid Sydney caused a +13% increase in footfall on the first Saturday alone.

    NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres announced “Vivid Sydney promised to shine brighter than ever before and it certainly achieved that, breaking the festival’s attendance record receiving more than 1.7 million visitors, an increase of 19 per cent on the record 1.43 million who attended last year”

    The festival had greatest effect on shopper numbers at the start of the period. The first weekend of the light festival saw FootFall for the Sydney area dramatically increase; however year-on-year increases were felt throughout the event until the final weekend where they slipped into negative growth.

    The busiest day was Tuesday the 2nd of June which saw FootFall increase +16% on the year.

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  • Father’s Day is on its way – but are the crowds coming too?

    As Father’s Day takes place in the UK this weekend (Sunday 21st June), families across the country are busy preparing special plans for their dads. And the preparations don’t just lie with the shoppers; retailers and shopping centres have also been blasting out promotions to drive revenue around this special event.

    Annual celebrations such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day present a great deal of potential for the retail industry all around the world. With countless shoppers on the hunt for gifts, both stores and shopping centres could be in the perfect position to entice consumers with their offering – if their set-up is optimised for the influx in retail traffic.

    Knowing how this retail traffic unfolds is crucial to maximising profit potential. Father’s Day happens at different times of the year across the globe, but interesting observations can still be drawn on what happens to footfall during the run up in each market.

    Australia ….

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