• Redesigning Retail: what does the future of physical retail look like?

    In retail, the consumer is firmly in the driving seat, with stores and shopping centres continually adapting their approach to customer engagement to keep pace with changing behaviour patterns.

    What makes this all the more challenging is the fact that no two shoppers behave the same. Therefore, to meet the needs of their entire customer base, retail businesses need to be flexible; something that is easier said than done.

    To help retailers and shopping centres understand how they can better meet the diversifying needs of shoppers, ShopperTrak surveyed consumers across five European markets. The results – which you can find in full in our new report, Redesigning Retail Part 2 – show that not only do consumer expectations vary from person to person, they evolve according to the type of store they are visiting.

    Based on our research, we have identified ….

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  • Euros 2016: The retail story

    The Euros 2016 will be remembered as a great sporting tournament, and as a high point in what has been a difficult year for the host and finalist France. There were also surprises, with both Iceland and Wales delighting football fans in unexpectedly reaching the quarter and semi-finals respectively.

    In fact, Iceland set a new record in TV viewing figures, as 99.8% of the nation’s population watched the team’s historic win over England. It is clear that many fans across the 24 countries were glued to their screens, or even travelling to France to attend matches. So what impact did what was happening on the pitch have on stores and shopping centres?

    We’ve crunched the numbers to share some of the retail highlights of what was a remarkable sporting event.

    Retail success for the host nation

    Once again there was a big retail pay off for the hosts. Despite fears over flooding and security, France pulled off a big success ….

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  • Father’s Day: a retail growth opportunity

    Globally, consumers spend up to three times as much on gifts for Mother’s Day compared to Father’s Day. While by any measurement the annual holiday celebrating dads is overshadowed by the retail monoliths of Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentines – in this tough retail environment, retailers and shopping centres must embrace every opportunity.

    Father’s Day happens at different times of the year across the globe, but interesting observations can still be drawn on what happens during the run up in each market. Research from Mintel reveals that the popularity of Father’s Day ….

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  • ShopperTrak and FootFall Announce Retail Industry’s First Global Traffic Index

    CHICAGO, IL – May 11, 2016 – ShopperTrak and FootFall, the two leading providers of consumer behavior insights and location-based analytics, today announced a breakthrough global traffic index. Both businesses are part of Tyco Retail Solutions.

    An industry first, the global traffic index will combine the power of two established solution providers to offer retailers and shopping centers the ability to benchmark performance and understand trends in various major markets around the world. Additionally, the index offers access ….

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  • Early Easter dampens retail footfall

    The early Easter Weekend numbers are in, and they are showing significant declines in Year-on-Year retail footfall across most of the European region. With Easter falling so early and some blaming the inclement weather, what can retailers, pushing DIY projects and hoping to promote new Spring ranges in store, learn from this disappointing performance? And why didn’t rainy conditions drive more traffic to shopping centres?

    Are Sunday trading laws limiting Easter spending?

    With performance across the last three years relatively consistent, European retail businesses may be surprised by the double digit declines in footfall across the 2016 Easter weekend. Easter Saturday saw large falls in traffic for Germany (-19.1%) and Italy (-14.6%), while Good Friday was worse for France (-22.5%) and Austria (-15.7%).

    Retailers and shopping centres looking to next year planning might be interested to note a possible knock on impact of relaxing ….

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  • Whatever the weather, will European footfall hot up this Easter?

    With warm weather forecast for the UK but showers warned across central Europe, Easter is set to be mixed bag for consumers who are travelling, or looking for outdoor activities. But what will this mean for European retailers and shopping centres?

    In retail we’re all quick to blame the weather man, but the reality is that weather often has a limited impact on sales – so long as you’re prepared. In fact, the Easter weekend presents a huge trading opportunity. Nielsen figures show that over 70% of chocolate egg sales are made in the last two weeks before Easter, for example, and the spending opportunities span much wider than confectionary; the National Retail Federation is predicting the U.S. alone will secure its highest Easter retail spending figure since records began.

    Will this bumper prediction be replicated in other markets? We have analysed people counter data from previous years to forecast the global retail outlook for Easter 2016.


    With ….

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