Redesigning Retail – part one

Where does bricks-and-mortar fit for the modern shopper?

redesigning retailHaving survived the retail armageddon that was the rise of ecommerce, bricks-and-mortar has somehow managed to emerge not just alive, but with a fiercely protective sting in its tail. Today, it’s still the place where 90% of purchases take place; the human endpoint to a digitally-driven journey.

But, as with any nuclear explosion, the retail landscape looks completely different than it did before online, mobile and social channels disrupted traditional commerce. Retail spaces in every developed region worldwide are fighting to create fulfilling physical experiences for consumers whose expectations are being driven by the instantaneous, enriched, endless aisle hallmarks of digital shopping.

So how does bricks-and-mortar fit into a world where the ecommerce market will be worth $2.5 trillion by the end of 2018, and what can retailers and retail property owners do to secure the store’s place at the heart of the shopper experience?

To answer these critical questions, ShopperTrak went straight to the voice of the consumer, conducting an international research study in five markets. Our results provide a unique benchmark of the store’s role in an online world, with key takeaways for retail businesses that are ready to future-proof their bricks-and-mortar estate.

Our research revealed two key trends on how multi-channel shoppers use the store, which directly impact the strategies of retailers and shopping centres.

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